About Us

We understand our clients have business goals, and they want to realize those goals, which is why the 365DigiSales team over delivers.


Leveraging the power of LinkedIn, combined with our consultative approach, we deep dive to understand your business’ intricacies, leading to a strategically built roadmap to set your business on the path to growth.


Regardless of your business goal requirements, we take the guesswork out of LinkedIn to revolutionize your business.

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We provide our prospective clients with straightforward, goal-oriented information to make an informed decision when it comes to their business goals.

Our Core Values

We are an ambitious team of thinkers, strategists, creators, and people-lovers. As a group of individuals that work together daily, our strategy, transparency, and dedication to your success is our priority, and it stems from the core values we live every day. 


Actively listening to our clients allows us to extract the little details, often lost in translation, and use them to create the perfect, customised solutions.


We are committed to innovation, being agile, thinking outside of the box, and taking smart risks to set your business on the growth trajectory.


We take pride in presenting our clients with clear, concise, goal-oriented information to make informed business decisions.


From clients to team members, respecting those we work with is paramount in building trusting relationships. And without trust, progress is hindered.

Learning & Development

In order to help 365DigiSales grow, along with our clients, we are devoted to personal and professional development to stay ahead of the curve.

Our Core Values


We listen and we’re responsive to the needs of our clients. We extract the little details and use them to create the perfect solutions to help our clients grow.

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Okay, Enough
With The Comparisons!

Here’s what makes us uniquely

365 DigiSales

Collectively, we have 10+ years of marketing experience

We’re more than just a team, we’re family.

We provide global solutions - with local expertise and points of contact.

Although we favour Hubspot, we love all technologies.

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Our success is our clients’ success. We’re obsessed with producing results and helping our clients achieve their business goals by designing individualized LinkedIn solutions.

Meet The Team

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Jason Luboyera

Founder | Strategy & Execution
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Kiana Lewis

Director | Content & Client Success
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Adam Brandt

Partner| Creative & Brand Strategy

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