Connect With Customers Via The Right Type Of Content

Connect With Customers Via The Right Type Of Content


Whether lead generation, sales, or online user engagement, the right type of content connects with customers and achieves your desired outcome. 


However, if the wrong platform is used to deliver the “right” content or vice versa, the desired outcome(s) will be null. 


From our experience, in order to connect with your existing and potential customers, you must identify their overall interest, which will inform the right kind of content to create. Above all, avoid rhetorical, one-way content. 


Here’s some advice to set you on the path of seamlessly connecting with your customers. 


Know The Type Of Content Wanted By Your Audience


Getting to know your audience takes research, statistical analysis, and a bit of intuition. 


Proper research done on target markets and online audiences, identifying where they live online, and how they engage with the content will help you in determining the type of content you need to create to easily connect with them, over and over, and over again. 


Perhaps infographic content prompted them to sign up for your newsletter. Maybe video content triggered them to connect with you on Facebook or LinkedIn. Your blog content may have inspired them to leave comments and share with others. 


The key is to evaluate the type of content that triggers action – that boosts lead generation, increases website click-throughs, encourages shares and engagement, and improves the sale of your products and services. 


The market speaks. Audiences speak. If you listen, both will tell you where your customers live online; how to connect to your customers; and how to meet the needs of your customers.


Make Connections via New Content Formats 


Revisit your content marketing efforts to determine the types of content that have not been working. For instance, maybe your blog posts lack traction or your articles that you work so hard on do not make it past a couple of comments or shares. 


Once you determine what needs to be changed or omitted, experiment with other formats. Try collaborating with others and writing guest posts or articles. Try incorporating industry interviews and Q&As. Perhaps start creating posts that highlight the successes of your existing customers. 


In any case, experimentation is your friend, as the idea is to connect with existing and potential customers, as well as entirely new audiences.


Now, take these suggestions, go and find the right content type that speaks to your audience, and start making connections.


If you have questions about how to leverage content throughout your sales process and lead generation efforts, contact us – we’re here to help!