Email Marketing: Get Your Messaging Right

Email Marketing: Get Your Messaging Right


When it comes to email marketing, you have seconds to grab the attention of the recipient. 


Most people are bombarded with tons of emails daily, many of which are completely ignored or deleted with a quickness. Very few are opened and read. So, this begs the question, “How do you create emails which are not deleted or ignored?”


Here is a guide to enhance your email marketing efforts and get the right message in front of the right people. 


Personalization: Sell To The Individual


When crafting an email, remember, the person you’re marketing to is an emotional being. They have feelings, wants, desires, and fears, which means you must sell to the individual.

That said, impersonal messages can be easily detected, as they feel “corporate-y”, cold, and robotic. The individual will lose interest immediately. 


You must be mindful that people buy from people, and people buy with their emotions. Then they use logic to justify their purchase later. So, how do you implement “feeling” into your emails?

Let the person know you are aware of their pain points, desires, wants, fears, etc., and the solutions you offer – the benefits they will be afforded. 


Set your messages apart from the rest by appealing to the results they are seeking. 


The Perfect Subject Line


Another valuable component of your email is the subject line. It could make all the difference in whether your email is opened and read or ignored, sent to spam, or unsubscribed from.


The “perfect” subject line is not easy to write, but here are a few examples to experiment with:


  • “Quick Question” – This promotes a curiosity that must be sated.
  • “X Tips For [company/person/group] To Solve Your [emotion]” – Without investing too much time, lists are easy to scan and read quickly. 
  • “Congratulations on [specific result]!” – This promotes appreciation and recognition.
  • “Grab Your/This Is Your Last Chance”  – This promotes urgency.


Well Written Copy


Now that you know the importance of personalization and creating an attention-grabbing headline, it’s time to focus on the email copy itself. 


A popular technique for creating compelling copy is the “Before-After-Bridge” approach, which follows a linear formula of presenting:

  • The prospect’s current problem
  • How their life would benefit or change if they solved the problem
  • The problem-solving solutions you provide 


Be sure to create content that is personable and relatable. Make it easy for them to see that your product or service is the solution they need. 


Lastly, ensure that you include a compelling call to action. After all, you want them to take some type of action to enlist your product or service to solve their problem.

Persistence: The Follow-Up


When it comes to cold email outreach, the follow-up is where the bread and butter is. If you’re lucky, the prospect will schedule a call or book a meeting after the first contact, but sometimes this is not the case, which means you must follow up. 


As there’s a very fine line between following up and becoming a nuisance, many people question how to do it successfully.


Here are a few suggestions:


  • Instead of following up with another email, try calling the prospect. This allows your prospect to observe your efforts with their eyes and ears. It also offers an opportunity to provide more information and/or clarify any questions or concerns they may have. 


  • If following up via email, reference behavioural insights. Refrain from sending a cookie-cutter message. Remember, personalization is the key to getting their attention, as it shows you understand what they are going through. When a prospect is made to feel valued and understood, you increase the chance of them purchasing your product or service. 


  • Be sure to space out your follow-ups. After your initial contact, give it a few days to a week before you follow up. There should be a considerable amount of time for subsequent follow-ups. 


Cold messaging can be significantly beneficial to your marketing efforts if done properly. 


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