Empower Your Copy With These 4 Tips

Empower Your Copy With These 4 Tips


As a business owner or entrepreneur, your customers are major assets. Not only are you vying for their purchasing dollars, but you are also competing for their attention, trust, and loyalty to your brand. Essentially, you want to let them know that you have the solution(s) to their problem. 


One of the best ways to accomplish the aforementioned is through the power of copy – your copy matters!


Whether a sales page, an advert, newsletter, or status update, the idea is to maintain the attention of your current customers, capture the attention of prospects, and move them to take action. 


In addition to the day to day grind, many business owners (or a team member) write their own copy. 


This can be challenging to say the least. Also, the copy may not be as effective as hiring a copywriter. 


If that’s you, we have a few tips to help empower you to communicate your message and ideas to your target audience. 




Bossy, authoritative copy inspires action, whether encouraging a reader to make a purchase via a sales page or motivating a reader to click “Subscribe” to receive your monthly newsletter.


Nudge your readers into action by using strong commands.




“Click here to receive a discount code”

“Comment below”


“Call today”




Shorter attention spans demand a straightforward, concise copy. Trim the fat of your copy by omitting filler words.



Flabby sentence – Yesterday, after doing tons of research on Youtube, I looked through all of the digital cameras in my shopping cart and finally made a decision to purchase one.

Trimmed sentence – Yesterday, I finally purchased a digital camera. Youtube reviews were extremely helpful.




Long sentences are exhausting and less powerful. Use full stops (and precision) to chop up or shorten your copy.



Long sentence – Sometimes when I’m feeling overworked I like to go to the park with my camera and walk some of my favorite trails while taking pictures along the way.

Chopped sentence – I take long walks in the park when I feel overworked. Oftentimes I take my camera. My favorite trails are picture-worthy.



Take advantage of the following to add meaningful substance to your copy – fuel:

  • Client testimonials, quotes, and comments
  • Endorsements from industry professionals
  • Case studies regarding your products/services
  • Data and analytics


As a business owner or entrepreneur, oftentimes you wear many hats. Further, you may not have the budget to hire a copywriter, so try implementing one or all of these tips. 


Incite action, increase authority, and appeal to current and potential customers.