How To Curate Content For Your Own Brand: 2021

How To Curate Content For Your Own Brand: 2021


There’s a secret process we want to share with you…


One that will help you enhance your content marketing strategy going into 2021 – particularly your personal brand strategy.


It’s called content curation. 


Content curation is a great tactic and a key component of any content marketing strategy, especially for personal brands. 


From writer’s block to lack of time, to life’s curveballs, creating content from scratch can be tough at times. 


You guessed it… this is where content curation plays its part. 


Just to be clear, our definition of content curation is – the sourcing and sharing of high quality content, mostly created by others, which is relevant to you and your audience. 


Benefits of curating content includes:


>It enables you to provide increased value to your audience, whether existing customers, potential customers, or followers

>It complements original content, as it can be used to fill any gaps in your content calendar, enabling you to maintain your regular posting schedule 

>It’s helpful in establishing thought leadership when you add your unique POV (point of view) 

According to Curata, content curation also helps overcome the following:

Infographic showing how to create content

Now for the good stuff…


In looking ahead, 2021 will provide a massive opportunity to double down on content marketing for personal brands. 


Given the shifts caused by the pandemic, there are more people online than ever before. And those people are more inviting, allowing your products and services into their inboxes and newsfeeds.


Of course, they will continue to conduct their own research, as information is at their fingertips. But, they will be looking for information from you. Information that’s relative to their interests, the overall industry, as well as info about your products or services. 


Essentially, curating content allows you to establish your expertise within your industry, without spending all of your time creating original content. 


Here’s how to do just that…


Pre-Content Curation

  1. Figure out what topics you should cover/share by asking yourself, “What problems or challenges do I need to solve for my audience/customers?”
  2. Set time aside to curate content. Maybe it’s once per week or 3x per week. In any case, setting aside time is a must.
  3. Decide how and when you will share (Which platforms will you use? How often will you curated content publish?)


How To Curate

  1. Use Google Alerts to monitor and get notified when new and interesting content is published across the web that’s based on keywords/phrases related to your interests. 
  2. Use Google Trends to determine what the top search queries are across the globe. 
  3. Visit aggregation websites sites like AllTop and Flipboard to source content on various topics.
  4. Visit comment threads, review sites, and industry forums for topics relevant to your audience.
  5. Bonus Reminder: Don’t just share content, be sure to add your unique POV. 


Content curation is an awesome way to take your personal branding to the next level. Why not get started today?