LinkedIn: Commenting = Relationships

LinkedIn: Commenting = Relationships


From selling your skills and showing your personality to boasting your strengths, LinkedIn is an awesome platform to grow your business and influence. 


LinkedIn also affords you the opportunity to form partnerships, gain clientele and referrals, and network with industry professionals, thought leaders, subject matter experts, entrepreneurs, and other professionals of interest. 


But this will cost you. 


No, not in money – in time!


When it comes down to it, LinkedIn is all about building relationships. In order to realize those relationships, start commenting! That’s right, leverage the power of commenting to start building relationships on LinkedIn. You never know what the results may be – find a business partner, a new customer or client, or a new hire.


Here’s how to get started. 

#1 Create conversations by: 

>Writing an engaging post update (1300 characters or less)

>Creating a valuable, thought-provoking long-form article

>Start a discussion thread (if you’ve joined groups)


#2 Join existing conversations by using the power of commenting:

>Be mindful of how you can add value to the conversation

>Talk about what you learned from the post

>Speak on your personal perspective, whether you agree or disagree

>Pose new and relevant questions, as it pertains to the topic of the post

>Talk about your specific skills, knowledge, or experience, and how it relates to (or contradicts) what the author posted


#3 Bonus tips:

>Skim the comment threads to see if there is room for you to add something relevant or valuable

>Don’t be afraid to visit the profiles of those who pique your interest – you may want to connect with them 



>Avoid lame comments like, “great post” or “interesting”. Engage!

>Avoid simply hitting the “Like” button – Engage!


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